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Mexico under COVID-19


Tenancingo, State of Mexico, Federal Prison

Tenancingo Prison has 750 inmates (720 men and 30 women) in separated sections. Here are persons who accept they are guilty of some crimes, but also others who say they are innocent and who are desperate in expectations of justice for them.

Our mission is to bring the message of peace and forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives.  We do this with tracts and pamphlets based on the Bible.  Likewise, we have distributed Bibles to give them the opportunity to read the contents, whenever they can, to discover what God is offering everyone, including them. In addition, through Project COVID-19 we gave them a sample of the love we have for them, by giving them a package of hygiene toiletries. We know that the rest is up to God who is the only one that can make a change in their hearts and lives.

The soap packaging had to be removed by jail regulations


The biggest challenge we faced was acquiring the toiletries and anti-COVID protection supplies to deliver to the front desk, to be distributed to the inmates. Since we did not find the products we wanted and at the right price, we had to look for them in different places; however we overcame the problem and made a great purchase.

Part of the supplies delivered


On June 17, we visited the Tenancingo, State of Mexico federal prison, successfully fulfilling the goal of evangelization and delivering the materials for protection against the Pandemic COVID-19.  The Pastor in charge of the prison and the brethren inmates were praying to God, so they could receive basic anti-COVID 19 products.  This action, provided through Mexico EHC was an answer to their prayers; and they were supplied with masks and by the grace of God, they also received food supplements

Testimony Pastor Mario Rodríguez

I am Pastor Mario Rodríguez. It has been 30 years already that the Lord Jesus Christ called me to devote my time as a volunteer to preach the Gospel in different jails of the State of Mexico.  During this time, I have spread the Gospel in 15 jails, some of which are maximum-security prisons.

During the past 6 years, I have been in charge of preaching the Gospel in Tenancingo, State of Mexico Federal Prison. I have a team of faithful Christians that go with me every week to teach the Bible, in several discipleship groups that the jail’s authorities have allowed us to have, inside the facilities. Praise God that we not only minister among prisoners, but also, when we have the opportunity we talk with their families, we guide them to know the Gospel and some of them have opened their homes to have discipleship groups.

The Director of the prison, Lt. Nelly Araceli Lopez Avila, with great interest, also asked us to give her a Bible. She testified that she is very interested in learning more about the love of God.  She thanked God and Mexico EHC for this important mission of sharing the message of salvation we carry out among many people in different situations.  This is very important now, when everyone needs most a word of hope, in the midst of so much sadness and uncertainty, due to the pandemic.

Last May, the Torres Brothers (representing Mexico EHC) invited me to participate in COVID-19 Project. We were surprised to witness how; God oversees every need His people have. Immediately I accepted this invitation and we took the last week of May to buy all the items needed to bless our prisoners.    This first outreach was fulfilled successfully; the evangelization and delivery of the protection against COVID-19 materials was done, with the gratitude expressed by every prisoner who was blessed. We also gave them literature and Bible lessons, such as “St. John 7 Steps” and the “Study of the New Testament”.

Since my brethren, the Torres family are Gideons, they donated some New Testaments and we gave each prisoner one, and to the families we gave them the Bibles.

I want to send my gratitude to EHCI because they donated the finances to face all these expenses and to Mexico EHC for the blessing of the literature, Bible courses and Bibles that they have sent to us and also the supply of hygiene materials needed by these prisoners.  Above all, the most important thing is that they have been fed with the Bread of Life.

This Project was programmed to last for the next two months.  During that time, we shall continue providing the hygiene items to these prisoners.  We must acknowledge that this pandemic is not yet ending in Mexico.  At the moment, the statistics show it is still on the rise, and these persons need this blessing, very much.

With the help of the Torres family, we are forming more discipleship groups at homes and inside the jail.  We can only say, thank you, brethren, for your aid, God shall reward you here on Earth but in Heaven, you shall find the crown of life.

Testimony Brother Gregorio Torres (in charge of the COVID-19 project in the Tenancingo, Prison)

The pandemic in Mexico has been much more threatening and dangerous in enclosed establishments such as jails, due to the limited resources that they have. For this reason, family visits were prohibited and healthy distances implemented, making help for the inmates, from the families more difficult. The Pastor in charge of ministering inside the prison summoned all Christians in our community to pray and together we all raised a cry to God asking for help and guidance to know how to do more for His glory.

The government´s resources are overstretched by this emergency and even though help is needed very much, hygiene items for prisoners have been scarce. Praise be to our Almighty God because in that very moment, we got the call from Sister Gloria (National Director of Mexico EHC), giving us the good news of the COVID-19 Project and that they were involving us in it.

We, as the Torres Family, testify that the power of God was manifested, for the glory of God, providing for our needs of hygiene toiletries, through Mexico EHC.  When we went shopping for the items, we asked the seller to improve the price of the products because they were for a donation to a prison. He was moved by Jesus Christ and gave us 1,000 cover-mouths at a price of 600 masks.  In addition, the material was of the best quality because it was for Medical supplies. God in his sovereignty has used EHCI and MexicoEHC as means of answering the prayers to cover the needs of the inmate brethren in the Tenancingo, State of Mexico Federal Prison. We share with you, for the glory of God, that 100% of the inmates and custodians of the establishment were covered with the products donated by EHCI and MexicoEHC. We are very happy to be part of this great and good ministry that was born in the heart of God.

IMSS Rural Hospital, Bochil, Chiapas

Most of the people that come for medical attention at the IMSS Rural Hospital in Bochil come from low-income communities.  The situation of the hospital to care for patients is difficult since there are not sufficient medicines available.  Occasionally, when there are no medicines, the patients are only given the prescription to go get the medicine on their own, at external pharmacies.


Intense rains were pounding this site and this did not allow us to deliver the materials at the hospital.  Finally, the rain stopped on a sunny day and we went to deliver the materials at the IMMS Clinic in Bochil.  When we arrived at the hospital, I requested to speak with the Director and Administrator of the unit.  I introduced myself as representative of Mexico EHC, and I was requesting permission to carry out activities with the patients, families and visitors of the sick persons, in the hospital.

We thank God, because we were able to begin the delivering of the materials provided by Mexico EHC through the Covid-19 Project.


We carried out small talks to guide those present on how to wash hands properly, use facemasks correctly, preparation of sanitary foot mats, and general hygiene precautions for the homes. We then gave out the bags with hygiene toiletries. We were able to enter the hospital and the emergency service areas, although only one person was able to enter at a time, and we were asked not to photograph the interior.

Training on proper hand washing

We then left at the hospital administration the toiletry packages so that they could be delivered during the next shifts. Special packages were prepared for doctors and nurses. We also shared the word of God with families of the sick. This was a day of victory!

Delivering the material at the hospital entrance

Outside the hospital, we shared the word of God with family and friends of patients. Some of the persons expressed their spiritual needs. We thank God because 15 persons received Christ as their savior. We later visited the homes of some of the families that had family members in the hospital, and there, 10 more persons accepted Christ as their savior.

Apolinar Sanchez and Maria Ruiz are a married couple, leaders in the Catholic Chuch of Bochil. They were sick with COVID-19; we prayed for them and gave them their hygiene toiletry package. What is most important to tell is that they received Christ as their savior and they have now recovered from this virus. We are very happy to serve the Lord, and to see how grateful people are when they receive their aid package, as well as, when they read the tracts.

Testimony Pastor Javier Lopez

When I talked with the hospital administrator, Armin Aguilar Santiago, he requested that we pray for all hospital personnel.  In his office, we prayed for him and for all the personnel.

Armin thanked God for this blessing received from Mexico EHC, these  hygiene toiletries packages to aid in prevention of COVID-19.

Testimony Collaborator Gladys Malena Hernandez

My experience in this humanitarian task of helping others was wonderful for me.  It was a marvelous experience and a blessing to see persons that were very happy to receive their package, in the middle of this situation of scarcity and disease.  I thank God and Mexico EHC for letting me be part of this project.  We were able to share the word of God, see how the persons would read the tracts and search comfort in God.  I shed my own tears, and asked for God´s forgiveness, since through this project, I was sensitized to the value of the lost souls. That is how Christ treats every one of us!

When visiting a home, we found a boy, named  Jhony Hernandez.  He is twelve years old and has Down syndrome.  He was very happy to receive his package; we told him Mexico EHC and our Sister Gloria Silva sent it.  We were surprised this almost made him jump with joy since his mother is named Gloria Gómez. He has difficult in speaking, yet we feel he understood the message.  We ask everyone to pray for this special boy since he is suffering from skin folliculitis.  His family has very little economic resources and the child does not have a bed to sleep in.  We ask for prayers for him

Letter of thanks from the hospital

Nursing Homes Hospitals, Campeche

We established an evangelism team for this COVID-19 project made up of Pastors, Evangelists, and Brethren.

The evangelism team began praying for the needs of the people we visited.  Our plan was to distribute hygiene supplies and materials to them, as well as, prepare to minister the Word of God, taking all the necessary precautions and using the appropriate equipment to avoid the spread of COVID-19, with our actions

We began by taking a tour visiting old people in the municipalities of Campeche and Quintana Roo: Cd. Del Carmen, Atasta, Escarcega and Benito Juárez Cancun, Mexico,

We met old people with great needs; some were very sick. We met families who no longer had anything to eat, just waiting, day by day, with Faith.

Purchase of consumable supplies for Nursing Home, Hygiene and Health

The weekend of June 20 to 22 of this year, we started the 2nd stage of the project.  We bought materials, such as; toilet paper, materials for hand hygiene, toothbrushes for adults and children, antibacterial soap, toothpaste, and general consumables, to visit the nursing home and the elderly outside the asylum.

We then prepared the bags to give to these very vulnerable elderly persons.

It has been a great surprise for each one. This was a second stage different from the first, full of emotions, feelings, and signs of brotherly love. We thank God and all of you; who have generously blessed us, giving support to this project. It shall be unforgettable.

Today, in Campeche, the health situation has been complicated by the number of deaths, and it is more difficult to personally approach the elderly. Many of their relatives prefer to receive the blessing themselves, saying they prefer to be the ones to give it to them, to be able to take maximum care of their health. Every contact we made allowed us to speak of Jesus Christ to them for the Glory of God.

They all ask us to send to you, their wholehearted thanks!


At this stage of the project, there are many deaths in our city and more fear in people.  The fear even affects our brethren, hindering the will to go out to do the visits.  In addition, this fear can also cause rejection by family members.

The authorities still do not give free access to the institutions or nursing homes and even, there is mistrust of the people who circulate, on the streets.


We have achieved setting up a good team to carry out the COVID-19 project; which is willing to fulfill the great commission with this group of people, regardless of present and future conditions. We were mostly, received with much encouragement and enthusiasm. The persons we visited indicated they are expecting our future visits, to continue the evangelistic work.


This nursing home was established in an old house, which was donated a few years ago and adapted for this purpose. Originally, it was a side area of the Esther Melgarejo de Rebolledo charity hospital for gynecology-obstetrics.

Entrance to the asylum

Currently, the civil association “House for the Elderly”manages this nursing home. All the staff caregivers do so voluntarily. We were unable to enter the premises because of the existing pandemic situation, but in general, you can see some maintenance needs in the garden and outdoor area.

We were only able to see three of the older adults who were on an outdoor terrace and in general, they looked well, in good physical condition. Yet, they did made reference to their emotional discomfort because they could not be in contact with their relatives, who have not been able to visit them because of the aforementioned situation.

Many of the nursing home dwellers are channeled there, directly by the municipal DIF. This government office does no more. Their work ends at that point and they do not derive any budgetary aid to the home. So all care is provided by donations received by the civil association.

asylum director receiving aid


Due to the current pandemic, access to talk and share the Gospel with the older adults has not been possible.  In fact, after the visit in which the aid was delivered, they increased restrictions since in the state of Veracruz, the contagion curve was rising.


We thank God that the delivery of the acquired materials could be made before the access was further restricted. In general, the nursing home authorities themselves, taking into consideration the level of contagion presence in the area, established the limitations. With the appropriate preventive measures, sufficient cleaning and grooming materials for forty older adults were delivered to the site. Some tracts and Bibles were also given. The nursing home staff promised to read them to the inmates. Meanwhile, they will let us know when it shall be possible to visit them establishing a day and time to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, praise our God and be able to bring food to share with them.

Hector Mestizo and another volunteer

Testimony brothers Noel and Virginia.

They helped us to take the donations and were excited to see the elderly persons who were on the terrace and with whom we exchanged a few words. The whole team is excited to continue working there. Living here are persons that cope with loneliness by being with others, because they do not have family members to visit them.

We appreciate the opportunity that Mexico EHC gave us with this Project COVID-19 to be able to bring God’s love to people who need it.

We talked to Hector Mestizo, one of the caregivers who explained the type of activities and food, which we can bring for the evangelization sessions, which will be held once we can have access to the interior of the asylum. He told us that some of the elderly already suffer from senile dementia, so patience is very necessary, as well as, being careful with them. He also indicated that, some have visual weakness. The plan is to, eventually; hold weekly sessions of praise and evangelism, including the distribution of food with the staff and inmates.

Elodia Nursing Home

During this first month of the Covid 19 Nursing Homes project we bought the items that are needed to give support to the elderly of this rest home. We needed to know exactly what they required, most urgently in the Las Elodias Nursing Home, look for the best prices, see the quality and acquire everything necessary to start the project, in this region of the State of Mexico, which mostly surrounds the Capital, Mexico City.

Here are photos of the work done this week at the Las Elodias Nursing Home, which is located between the boundaries of the Ecatepec and Tecamac municipalities. All was done for the glory and honor of God. We thank Mexico’s EHC ministry for this donation. The headmistress shall send a letter of gratitude; for now, they are busy with the three seniors who have fallen ill.

Agustin Cespedes grateful to receive his bible

The municipalities of Ecatepec and Tecamac, in the State of Mexico are among the most infected by Covid 19.  Both, along with the entire Metropolitan area are at red traffic light, which means high risk of contagion. It is an imminent risk of contagion to go from one place to another, in search of the items requested for this project.

The Nursing Home director, Margarita Basurto, who requested our support as soon as possible, since the death of two of their inmates, also apologized because she would not allow us to enter the Nursing Home to avoid contagion that we could carry in from the street. She told us that as soon as it became possible, the doors are open for us to come and give spiritual attention to the elderly and their families.


With the imminent danger of being infected, by so many people who go out on the street and do not use face masks or get too close by ignoring the healthy distance; danger is living with you all the time, everywhere you live and wherever we go to do the shopping.


The proportion of the Covid 19 pandemic is so great, that the government´s focus is the control of contagion and hospitalization coverage. Very few people are focused on providing for the most vulnerable minority groups. Mostly, general public associations do this. Serving the most vulnerable groups is a great decision to carry out this Project, which shall provide required care. The needs are such that, what has been provided by Mexico EHC arriving during this week was thankfully accepted. It shall serve to take care of the health of residents.

Some elderly people need help from their caregivers to read
Nursing Home Friendly Hand, Elderly Hand

Hygiene is one of the main defenses against COVID19 so we care that the residents of the nursing home  Mano Amiga, Mano Anciana have received the gift that Mexico EHC gave them, consisting of cleaning and personal hygiene items and tracts so that they know God’s plan of salvation in Jesus Christ and a Bible for them to read. In the near future, when we have the opportunity to enter the nursing home, without risk of infecting anyone, we will serve them, in their spiritual area.

Delivery of personal hygiene kits


There has been no opportunity to enter the nursing home to talk to each of the elderly who live there, because the month of June has been the worst of all the months of the Covid 19 contingency, to the point of tripling the cases of contagion. If we physically enter the nursing home, we can be a focus of infection for them. The director of the Nursing Home, Martha Teresa Benitez has delivered to every person, in the home, the packages that the Mexico EHC ministry has donated for their benefit.


Director Martha Teresa informs us that all the elderly inmates are well, some have become ill but thank God, everyone has recovered. All welcomed their hygiene packages and the tracts and Bibles included in them. It is a great blessing to know that, it doesn´t matter if what we do is very little, it is a great blessing for the people of a nursing home, especially since it is something they needed!

Testimony Gregorio Lopez

I thank God from the depths of my heart for giving me this precious and necessary gift for me, these days that I do not have the visit and care by my relatives.  Your loving care for us is demonstrated in your gift with these hygiene products. But also, because of the tracts that speak of God’s Love for me and the Bible that was given to me, which I read every day. There are no words to express my gratitude, I only ask God to continue to bless you.

Testimony Javier Enriquez

The elderly that go into a nursing home, to live, feel it is like waiting for the end of life.  The pandemic disease that has spread worldwide, has demonstrated it can be much more serious for the elderly.  This allows us to see the imminent danger that we are in, and that our thoughts have been of an apathetic attitude just waiting to die. But now, when we see people like you, who without knowing us, care enough about us, to send these gifts, then we change our thoughts, now, we think that maybe, this may not be the end, but the beginning of something.  I became more convinced of this as I read in one of the tracts: “God has a Plan for my life” I can now see he is my Father and cares for me and cares for you. And, you give me proof that that is true, God cares about me, this present is proof that this is so. God  bless  you.

Mercy Soup Kitchen, Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa is a tourist destination, and therefore it is quite crowded.  It offers all kinds of attractions and shows that people can enjoy.  Along with this, all kinds of options have opened with attractions, for all kinds of people, unleashing with it a wave of debauchery that sometimes becomes a center of social degradation. All this drags-down the people of the same city; even though they are not tourists, they become part of these practices. They become part of a vicious circle that provides, creates and administers this type of activities, as a way of life.

Delivering Bibles

That is why; we seek to help these people to leave that circle, through the word of God.  We know that many of them shall reject or evade the message, because they consider it as a change of religion.  Through the soup kitchen, we first seek to attract their attention, and invite them to enter an environment of trust. Once they start coming, we use the literary resources of Mexico EHC ministry to introduce the word of God, into their lives.


The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to; always take the necessary hygiene measures to avoid contagion, from us to those we serve and vice versa. One of the most vulnerable sectors are the indigent people, because they do not have hygiene habits, and because their addictions have trapped them and make them feel that satisfying their vices is the priority of their lives. This means that when we receive them in the soup kitchen we are also in danger of contamination with the virus. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create in them hygiene habits and at the same time be able to offer them a space where they can clean up and thus be free of all viruses. For them, it is necessary to have sufficient resources to provide each person with a personal grooming kit and this is the biggest obstacle we face.

Purchase of supplies

Being able to get the items was a difficult part because we didn’t want to expose ourselves too much to crowded places. We did what was necessary, to buy the items, always taking the precautionary measures and thus started organizing each personal grooming kit.

Unfortunately, indigent people mostly do not have personal grooming habits. It has been very difficult to get them to use their head covers, and face masks. Some of these persons, because of their psychological condition, lose what was given to them or leave it lying wherever. Again, that worries us because of possible contagion between the other people who attend the soup kitchen. We have to stress constantly that they use the covers and take them with them.


When we were already thinking of giving up and not continuing with this project, our brethren of Mexico EHC contacted us.  They have always been supporting our church through evangelism materials, and because they know how much need there is, they offered to give us their support. Through the financial resource provided, we shall be able to purchase the materials for the personal grooming kits for each person who attends this soup kitchen.  They shall receive hygiene training, food and especially the spiritual food that is essential for their lives.

Sharing food

During this month, we have been able to provide 60 personal grooming kits to homeless people who come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to the Mercy Soup Kitchen in order to eat. In the same way, they receive a tract, with the word of God, which our brethren of the Mexico EHC provided.

We have understood that we can all contribute to God’s work, one way or another, we can do something to bring people closer to God, some through the talents God gave them, others through their work and abilities, but we can all contribute to God’s work.

Delivering hygienic package

Testimony Pastor Carlos Gracia

We thank Mexico EHC for their valuable contribution to the Mercy Soup Kitchen, which every week serves more than 60 indigent people.  We provide food for the body but also spiritual food to satisfy their afflicted hearts. Many people have passed through this soup kitchen; however, there have been very few who have decided to make a change in their lives.  We know that the work is not easy, but with the help of Mexico EHC and its economic and literary support, we know that the results shall be even greater.

Testimony Sister Yaneth Flores

God always takes care of every person on this earth.  He does not mind our condition or our sins; he is always ready to come to our aid.  Often the aid come from places where we least expect it.  We thank Mexico EHC for helping us with this project, in these contingency times; now, the needs of the people become increasingly visible. With the support received from Mexico EHC we shall be able to give this sustenance to the indigent people of the area.  During this week, we shall direct our actions to the task of looking for the items needed to assemble the personal grooming kits.  In addition, we shall select the tracts that we shall give to each person, who comes to the soup kitchen.

Testimony Sister Adriana Muñoz

We are very grateful with Mexico EHC for the support given to this soup kitchen.  We have been able to share the word of God with the homeless who attend this soup kitchen giving them the Bibles that Mexico EHC sent to us. They received their Bibles, but we have asked them not to take them, but to keep them here in the soup kitchen, in a specific place assigned for it.  Every day before serving their food, we read a portion of the word of God and study the Bible.  We have told them that they can take their Bible the day they make their decision to accept God, so that they can share with others the plan of salvation

Testimony Mr. Gilberto Vicente

Through the soup kitchen, I have come to know the word of God.  Now I understand God´s great love for people.   I give thanks for the soup kitchen and for the tracts that are shared with us every time we come to the soup kitchen. Thus, I learned about God’s plan.  It has been a long process but I have been able to understand what God wants for my life, because before, I was lost in my drug addiction because I thought that my life no longer made sense.  However, today, I understand that it is God, who gives meaning to my life.

Federal Prison Neza-Bordo

Due to the high level of contagion in Mexico City, going out has become very difficult.  In some places, some people think they can be taken to jail, although this is not true.  The official policy is that public force shall not be applied to keep you at home. You just have to care enough for your health to take the necessary precautions.  Of course, to me it’s very important to start the shopping of the items required in the jail, I have been visiting, to evangelize the inmates, during the last 23 years.

Hygenic items for prisoners

As Christians, we ought to be obedient to our Authorities, mainly when we need the permission to visit the prisoners who have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

So, we received the items needed on June 8th and immediately we took them to the Official-Guard in Neza Bordo Jail. The Director told me he is preparing a gratitude letter for Mexico EHC because the donations came right on time, when they were most needed


The pandemic in Mexico is the highest in all Latin America. We have to be very careful when we enter to visit prisoners. We must always remember that we depend on the care and love of God and the responsibility we have to fulfil his commandment.

Matias is the only allowed to introduce items


The Director of the jail has given permission to evangelize in the jail, because he thinks that our ministry is useful to keep the inmates calm.

Gratitude letter form jail’s Social Worker

Letter of thanks from an inmate of the Neza board prison (original)

Letter of thanks from an inmate of the Neza board prison (Translation)


It is sad to see how many elderly people are neglected by their relatives.  Many are often sick or with certain physical limitations and the easiest thing for families is to take them to a nursing home; but many others, because of the costs, are abandoned in their homes or on the streets. Some people force their elderly to roam the streets asking for charity to live in dirty places with little hope. In Mexico, there are institutions with people who want to help them receiving them in nursing homes, such as the Mariana Sayago Nursing home, which now has 50 inmates.

Delivering supplies for cleaning

The way the administrators of this home must supply their needs is through donations from individuals and sometimes, from the Mexican Government. However, the actual President has denied giving such aids. For this reason, Mexico EHC Promoter Luis Ramirez chose to focus on the COVID-19 Project. The Lord Jesus Christ taught us to be moved to mercy for those in need, just as He did. This Project is founded on the love of Jesus Christ and we are just helping those in charge of the Nursing home to supply, for some time, the needs of these elderly persons. We also are teaching them to know God’s love through discipleship groups and the Director of the home oversees reading to them, every lesson of our Bible Course, “The Way to a Happy Life”. Our goal is to guide them to receive Jesus in their hearts and know they are not alone that our Lord loves them and cares for them.


Because of the pandemic that we are living, many things are complicated.  To go out and buy things in bulk is one of them because they do not allow the purchase of more than 3 or 4 pieces of the same article per person, as well as, the government’s surveillance for walking on the streets and the inclement weather. Other challenges are the restrictions on entering the nursing homes because the elderly are a very susceptible group, and the homes have many precautions. The Director only allowed two persons to enter because the pandemic is in red light, which means a high risk of contagion; therefore, we must be extremely careful so that we do not to harm the old people in the homes. We pray constantly to God, so that he uses us to be his instruments, to be able to bring the elderly the good news from God.  We want to be able to continue visiting them and in the future so that we can to lead them to accept the Lord as their savior.  When you are coming to the end of your life, what better way to die, than to die in his loving arms.

We could only see the older adults outside


We thank God for putting in the heart of the Mexico EHC ministry to help churches with evangelism literature, with which we have been blessed and now are providing financial assistance to buy necessities for the personal care and grooming of old people. We acquire cleaning items for the home and toiletries for personal grooming of the elderly. As part of this blessing of serving with love in this nursing home, we are also leaving some Bibles and tracts for the staff, so that they can take advantage of the restrictions for mobilization caused by the pandemic, by reading the materials to the inmates. We ask God to touch the hearts of the personnel so that when restrictions are over, they can come to praise God, accepting and spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

Nursery home Mariana Sayago
Bet-Shalom Nursing Home, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

Old age is one of the stages of humanity where man can feel in fullness, for it is here that he can see the fruits harvested throughout his life. Their families, the warmth of a home, surround many seniors although they no longer are working. Many see them as the wise counselor guiding the family to that total fullness. However, not all the elderly enjoy that, there are those who have been abandoned, forgotten by their relatives, left to their own means out on the streets, abandoned in their own homes and there are those who do not have a home and are taken to an asylum. Youth forget the elderly. Then they spend their last days of life, in solitude. It is here that the Lord demands more from us, he demands we show his love and compassion for the lost and forgotten. Unfortunately, there are those who may no longer be able to go out and share with others the word of God. However, our Lord wants them not to know he has not forgotten them, and so he sends us in this mission. We must make these people understand that, even in old age, it is never too late to recognize him as his savior and be able to give their heart to him.


Donations and volunteers mostly support nursing homes. Therefore, we could not arrive empty-handed, because part of the aid is also to be able to meet certain basic needs of the elderly. Unfortunately, visits during this contingency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are not allowed because, taking into consideration the age group, they are a more susceptible group. Likewise, the age, and lack of activities has made it difficult for them to retain everything they are taught about the word of God. Taking this into consideration we thought it would be convenient to bring them materials that can be of support to those in the care of these people.

We had a hard time forming the aid packages for the elderly since due to the present pandemic; there are places where we could not buy more than 2 or 3 items per person. We have found that this has delayed us a little, in our project, in the acquisition of all items quickly and safely.


We thank God for his great mercy and provision.  He sent to us the ministry of Mexico EHC who have been a great help to our church. Through their literary resources, we have reached souls for God and on this occasion, it was no exception.  In addition to providing us with the right materials to bring to the elderly, they supported us with economic resources to buy personal toiletry supplies for the elderly in this asylum.  In this way, we were able to provide a grain of aid to this very vulnerable sector.  At the same time, we acquired materials that shall be useful for the sanitization of the facilities of the asylum, to help them avoid contagion in the place, safeguarding the life of the elderly. in this nursing home.

This project, demonstrated for us the great importance that it is, to show God’s love to every person. It is difficult for elderly persons, who have been abandoned by their relatives, to perceive the love of God.  This is where, the word of God, in Psalms, reminds us that Jehovah takes care of the orphan and the widow, even though abandoned by father or mother, he shall gather them.   Despite the obstacles that happened, we managed to acquire all the input materials that we took to the asylum. The elderly are grateful for the provided support; they could see the love of God in that there are still people who care about them. The nursing home administrator thanks Mexico EHC for the support given to this institution.  Both institutions are sustained by aid and donations.

Testimony Sister Luz Divina

We are very grateful with Mexico EHC for the aid they gave us through this project.  This ministry has been of great blessing to our city, because through what they provide us, we can reach more people and make known the message of salvation, in every home of our city. With the provided resources, we shall be able to help a nursing home that Christian brothers administer. Through the project, we want every elderly person to get to know God, before leaving this world. This week we will dedicate ourselves to look for more supplies to donate to the nursing home.  We hope in God, he shall help us obtain everything. in a timely manner.

Testimony Sister Marcela Vázquez

To be able to help the most vulnerable is a beautiful work that, as a church, we must keep in mind at all times. There are occasions that you cannot provide all the help that one would like, but much or little that we give, when we do it with all our heart, God multiplies it. Thank you, brethren of Mexico EHC for the support you have provided to contribute to the nursing home. It was a little difficult to get all the materials, since, because of the pandemic, many establishments set limits to purchases per person, to avoid hoarding. Nevertheless, we know that God will open all the doors required to purchase what is needed

Hospital Health Center with Extended Service, Jitotol, Chiapas

Jitotol is a municipality with many needs, economical, moral and spiritual. Despite having a new hospital, it doesn’t have enough resources to help the sick, nor vaccines to the newborns. The hospital needs an axiometer to attend the people sick with COVID-19.


In this region we had a big challenge due the strong rains there were deslaves and landslides on the hills and many roads were affected, making hard the communication by transport.

When we arrived to the hospital, the Director Rosalba Daniela González, was not present cause she left early due she had to travel to another city. The hospital personnel called her and after waiting some hours she arrived. We explained to her the COVID-19 project, presenting CruzadaMexicana as the responsible fo the articles we were carrying.

Hospital in Jitotol, Chiapas

There are not many patients in the hospital due the lack of medicines, so they had to be taken to another hospital in Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of Chiapas state. Through the social worker, Lic. Norma Luz Farrera we could contact to many families with sick members and with no resources so we were able to give them the support packages.

Some of this families didn’t want to received our help because there was a rumor that the government was sending resources contaminated. We explained to them that Cruzada Mexicana is not from the government and that our purpose is to help them. We showed them the panflets and with that they received us.

Families of Jitotol, Chiapas


We were succeed to give some orientation talks about hand-washing, the correct use of the masks, house-cleaning, the way to prepare a chlorinated sanitizing towel for the shoes. We were able to delivered packages with cleaning items.

Some people accept Jesus as their personal Savior!

“The hospital director was angry to have to return after she was gone. She wanted to arrive early to her home because the problems with the roads. She expressed to o us, that she didn’t want to return but the on call doctor was very persistent so she returned. We showed her the packages we brought. Inside of one of one package she saw the brochure “Ten ánimo, hay esperanza” (Have good cheer, there is hope) so she stopped to read it and after a sigh she said: “Have good cheer, there is hope, that’s what I need right now. I asked her: Do you know that only in Jesus we have hope? she answered: that’s what I need and then she opened her heart, her mother is sick and hopeless. I offered to take her home and in the road we continue talking about God’s love and she accepted Jesus as her savior! When we arrived her home she reflected an smile with peace. We prayed for her mother, María Josefa López.”

Pastor Javier López Vázquez

“I praise God and Cruzada Mexicana for the opportunity to be part of this project, helping the Hospitals in Bochil, Pueblo Nuevo and Jitotol. Everything we did, has been because God’s love and love to the people because we were able to bless many families in the hospitals that are suffering because the COVID-19 sickness.

We were able to give orientation on the correct use of the masks and hand-washing. For me this has been a wonderful experience, help this people, hospitals, doctors and nurses delivering them material for their own protection and material to make their work. To see the happiness of my nurses co-workers when they received their packages. I praise the Lord for the heart of my brothers in Cruzada Mexicana! God bless you greatly and powerfully in this ministry!

Damián Balcázar, volunteer

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